Zaber & Zubair Fabrics will continue to the leader in manufacturing textile products in sustainable way. The company will strive to mitigate the climate change risk related to its manufacturing process and reduce environmental impact by minimizing pollution reduction at sources, optimize resource consumption by maximizing reuse & recycle. From the moral & social obligation we ZnZ (Zaber & Zubair) promote human rights, increase diversity, encourage the personal development of co-workers and increase community involvement. ZnZ leading in innovation for cleaner production with a focus on efficiency, continual improvement, and performance benchmarking which will facilitate its customers to choose more sustainable products.

Noman Group (Mother organization of Zaber & Zubair Fabrics) believes in “Business integrated with Social and environmental responsibilities”. That’s why Noman Group invested a lot to keep the working environment safe and secured. Besides, the working environment and workers welfare, Zaber & Zubair invested and implemented several project for eco-friendly, sustainable factory practices. ZnZ (Zaber & Zubair) has the largest biological Effluent treatment plant in Bangladesh to treat the water. Beside this the factory also has Largest Solar plant in Bangladesh- 400 kWp on-grid, Photo-Voltaic (PV) roof-top Solar, Two Caustic Recovery Plants (CRPs) for caustic recovery, 100% Implementation of high efficacy LED Lights, 100% Energy efficient VFD (Variable-Frequency Drives) Motors, 100% VFD Servo Motors installed in Stitching Machines, Incorporating direct drives instead of belt-drives, 2 Exhaust Gas Boiler-Recovering 8 Generators exhaust heat., 5 Economizers- Recovering Boiler exhaust heat, Replaced old generators with high generation & fuel efficient generators. ZnZ is saving 10% water and energy consumption in its factories. The company using sustainable, eco-friendly, recycled and alternative fibers for several years now.

ZnZ believes in the Living Wages concept and not in Minimum Wages. In Social Compliance the group has a non-profit social welfare organization named IAWT. In this welfare trust, there are so many projects including schooling, Sanitation, Building houses for poor people, and giving donations to the poor workers. The company provides living accommodations for poor workers. Zaber & Zubair fabrics is the pioneer to provide ATM cards to all workers for smart financial practices. H&M awarded ZnZ as “Best example” and also recognized by Customers like Target and others. ZnZ (Zaber & Zubair) have medical facilities for poor workers. A Daycare center for infants and a dining facility is provided to the workers. Maternity leaves are given to female workers. The company believe in honesty, humanity, and justice.

Zaber & Zubair Fabrics Limitedensures overall security in its premises and throughout the supply chain by setting the necessary security programs for assessing the potential security risks, identifying the scopes of implementation, aligning the security management with other organizational policies, practices & prevailing rules & regulations, ensuring the implementation & maintenance of countermeasures and continually improving the existing security policy, programs & practices to mitigate potential security threats for all stakeholders in the supply chain in order to achieve the purpose, objectives and targets of the Security Management System of the company. The top authority of ZnZ is committed to develop a culture in the supply chain which recognizes the importance of effective Security Management System and follows established security standards to ensure highest level of security for the people, assets, products and information within.

This policy is periodically reviewed every year, authorized by the top management and communicated with the suppliers & other stakeholders as necessary. However, in case of merger/acquisition or any physical or systematic change that may possess security threats and require revised operational procedures, the security policy & routines must be reviewed, updated, communicated and implemented in the merged/ acquired facility or other respective area according to the SMS manual.

Zaber & Zubair communicates its security objectives and targets with the supply chain in order to share the security perspective of ZnZ with the applicable parties or stakeholders in the supply chain. The main objective of ZnZ Security Management System is to ensure overall security of the people, product, property & the information throughout the supply chain. In order to eliminate the security risks through continual improvement, ZnZ has set the following objectives to achieve a certain security standard by considering the scope of SMS, risk assessments, legislative requirements and feedback from stakeholders.

To demonstrate the commitment of the management for the implementation of SMS in line with ISO 28000, CTPAT, customer requirements and existing national and international regulations.

  • To provide opportunity for adding features/ making necessary changes in the Security Management System.
  • To identify & reduce risk levels and determine relevant procedures in the associated programs to continually improve existing practices.
  • To reduce the frequency of undesired security incidents, ensure continual improvement by developing required countermeasures.
  • To ensure financing for the Security Management System related requirements.
  • To determine roles and responsibilities for ensuring overall security.
  • To ensure periodic follow up for the supply chain for ensuring effective implementation of the SMS.
  • To act as a security baseline for each security function in ZnZ and its supply chain.
  • To provide for collecting feedback from employees and the supply chain and developing an effective communication channel.
  • To provide the scope for collecting declaration from the business partners in conformance with the SMS.

Zaber & Zubair considers Legal, Statutory and Other Security Regulatory Requirements as an input to its risk assessment process and development of countermeasures.ZnZ has identified which legal, statutory & regulatory requirements are applicable and where it should be applied and developed procedure for monitoring compliance with the legal requirements. ZnZ abides by the legal guidelines and communicates with the stakeholders about complying with those requirements.


ZnZ promotes developing a culture in its supply chain which recognizes the importance of security of the people, property, product and information through-out its supply chain. ZnZ is committed to assure security of the supply chain by identifying the existing & potential security threats, assessing the risks, implementing necessary measures to prevent any sort of security breach and improving the routines continually. The suppliers are required to conform to the policy for being a part of the supply chain.

Zaber & Zubair has developed its Security Management System (SMS) in compliance with the ISO 28000, CTPAT and national laws for effective security management through-out the supply chain. Suppliers are required comply with regulatory requirements and standards in all locations where they conduct business.

The following points are strictly prohibited in the supply chain of ZnZ and treated with Zero Tolerance...

  • Firearms, explosives, knives and/or any other dangerous object which could be used to cause harm or damage.
  • Carrying any weapon, incendiaries, alcohol beverages, narcotics or smuggling illegal substance.
  • Any sort of forced labor and human trafficking.
  • Any object, apparatus or equipment or parts which could be used to intercept, record, copy or reproduce information.

ZnZ shall enforce legal actions or discontinue business relationship with the suppliers if any Zero Tolerance issue is reported in their accountable part of the supply chain.

ZnZ assesses every thinkable security risk as well as previous security incidents in its supply chain and implements countermeasures for eliminating / mitigating their likelihoods & consequences. The suppliers are required to manage security risks and incidents associated with terrorism, theft, cargo hijacking, unmanifested cargo, product tampering, information hack, narcotics, smuggling, human trafficking etc. in the part of supply chain under their accountability. ZnZ requires its suppliers to set their own security objectives and develop their own operational procedures as applicable based on the context of their business.

ZnZ has established and implemented a set of routines for ensuring physical security which includes securing the perimeter, lighting the facility, 24/7 surveillance and security posts through-out the facility so that the highest level of security can be assured for the assets and personnel inside the organization’s premises. The suppliers are required to secure similar level of security in their facility for the employees, visitors, products and other assets to be a part of the supply chain.

Zaber & Zubair follows a set of procedures to control access to its premises, restricted areas (i.e. metal detection, packaging, finished goods store etc.), container storages, loading-unloading areas, and other areas as deemed. The suppliers are required to identify and impart access control measures in their entry/exit post and other sensitive areas.

Zaber & Zubair has established its operational control for personnel security which includes background verification of the employees prior to recruitment, age verification, police verification for criminal records, identification of employee, visitor & suppliers’ identification, relevant screening procedures and other routines as considered necessary. The suppliers are required to implement personnel security measures in their responsible are to prevent employment of inappropriate personnel and unauthorized access attempts.

ZnZ has developed cargo & conveyance integrity program to prevent product tampering, introduction of unmanifested cargo, theft of cargo and any other destruction of property in the supply chain specially while passing through modes of transportation. Suppliers are required to ensure the security of the cargo both inside their premises as well during transportation until reaching to the destination point.

ZnZ considers the security of all storage occupancies and the distribution process associated with it including access control to store areas, inventory management, seal management, challan information record. ZnZ also prioritizes security of all shipment and export logistics information in the upstream and downstream supply chain. The suppliers are prohibited to disclose any shipment/order or other information with any party that is not officially involved in the supply chain and they are required to maintain a secure storage & distribution system.

Zaber & Zubair implements its security related operational controls considering the security of the whole supply chain, not only for its own accountability area. The suppliers are required to follow similar approach to the supply chain security program in order ensure full integrity of cargo from raw material sourcing to final shipment.

ZnZ has developed its security contingency measures in order to respond to any emergency situation that may hamper the regular operating procedures for security management. Suppliers are required to establish their own security response procedures for responding during emergencies by disbursing the emergency security responsibilities and defining procedures for dealing with emergencies.

ZnZ communicates with its employees, security guards, suppliers and all stakeholders associated with its security management system and encourages two-way communication between its management and others to raise the awareness level on supply chain security. ZnZ enables its employees and supply chain with adequate knowledge to follow the general security guidelines for their responsible area as well as the supply chain and to identify and report security threats or incidents promptly. The suppliers are required to communicate with their employees and other stakeholders in order to develop an effective security management system for the supply chain.

ZnZ performs internal audits / risk assessments / incident investigations and sets its targets and countermeasures to continually improve the supply chain security and overcome the deficiencies. The suppliers are required to operate their security management system in a sustainable manner and periodically evaluate the effectiveness of the system with a vision for improvement in future.

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