Our Mission

Consumer Mission – To manufacture and supply the finest quality textile products on time with a continued commitment to compliance.

Social Mission – To act responsibly as a global corporate citizen and ensure the well-being and growth of our employees and all other stakeholders.

Environmental Mission – To foster a sustainable future through collaborating with area businesses, community leaders and neighbors with the end of goal of environmental well-being.

Our Vision


To sustain, elevate, value adding and strive hard for steady growth of present market share which team ZnZ has been able to build up over the years


To be recognized & create niche for ZnZ as a textile BRAND in Global market

1 : Leading textile manufacturing giant offering complete vertical package

2 : Top of the line/ innovative / creative & one of the best NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPER in textile fraternity .

3 : Strong Human Resource base with best of the brains serving customer, adding value in terms of EXPECTED SERVICE / QUALITY LEVELS .

4 : Being on the top of technological advancement & keeping self tuned up to
latest technologies , implementing them to achieve the final goal of max
utilization & getting best of the efficiencies from both Men & Machine .


FOUNDER Chairman

ZABER & ZUBAIR FABRICS LIMITED has successfully passed another challenging year and graduated its 20th year, which is the reflection of dedicated team work with clear mission in mind.
Last nineteen years everyone in this organization has been working hard with delegation of authority, true leadership of the management and developed ZABER & ZUBAIR as a successful organization that now ready to move forward with more enthusiasm and better preparation to achieve bigger target in this changing environment of global market.
I must admit that, this success came through the guidance and trust of each valuable customer around the world. I extend warm gratitude along with our honest compliments to all of them.
Our mission is to achieve excellence in what we do. Our commitment is cost-effective. production, with the compliance to the product standards. At the same time, we will ensure that ZABER & ZUBAIR complies with all legal, social and environmental requirements.
This year we have invested further for doubling the capacity by putting more brand-new machineries in spinning, weaving, processing and stitching. To ensure that ZABER & ZUBAIR safely disposes all its effluents, we have also doubled the capacity of ETP. The employees are given adequate trainings for their development in skills, personal safety and environmental protection.
ZABER & ZUBAIR is completely ready with enough capacity and adequate human resources to face future challenges.

All the best, Md. Nurul Islam



We have passed another year, a challenging but a successful one. Success stories are incomplete without the associated stories of struggle. We faced challenges but with the team spirit we overcame them and even put forward new opportunities.
ZABER & ZUBAIR FABRICS should have a proper brand positioning in the global market and help to enhance the brand image of Bangladesh also. Following the blue print of our strategic decision, ZABER and ZUBAIR inaugurated corporate head-office, arranged FIRST EVER MILL-WEEK in the history of the country, where we exhibited products to show the innate abilities of the expertise of the country to convey a signal. Also, we have initiated first ever environmental campaign in the textile sector in Bangladesh in last year named ‘the OXYZENERS’. The MILL-WEEK named, ‘ZnZ Fabric Week AW 18-19’ stirred a positive vibe. Its enviable success has inspired me to declare that this mill week will be a regular, biannual programme. And I pledge that I will not, Leave Any Stone Unturned to elevate the global image of Bangladesh. We are organizing Spring-Summer 19, I would take the opportunity to congratulate the members of ZABER AND ZUBAIR fashion family, who were not daunted by the challenges of Autumn-Winter 18/19 and made it successful. I look forward to their cooperation and confident that they will offer to all work together and share plans and best practices. Next, I am focused on harboring the enthusiasm and passion to do something better for the society and following TBL (triple bottom line) in all my decisions. I believe, sustainability is not an option but a necessity. I will invite any suggestions from any quarter that can contribute towards TBL. In this regard, I have an email address, support@znz.com. Which Is followed almost religiously. I am a staunch believer in Bangladesh. The progress of Bangladesh will benefit not only NOMAN GROUP but almost every stakeholder of Bangladesh. Here I will specially recognize the youth of Bangladesh, who happen to be the majority of the population It doesn’t take an expert to realize that the fate of Bangladesh is tied to that of young Bangladeshis. If they collectively excel, Bangladesh’s future, too, will become a case study for the future. The challenges young Bangladeshis face are multiple and multifaceted. In a country where day-to-day commute alone is a gigantic task, they have to be ingenious, quick on their feet, and ready to take on whatever this unpredictable market offers them. With the advent of technology, there is no dearth of opportunities in Bangladesh today. Finally, I am grateful to, the ZABER & ZUBAIR family for rendering unconditional support, my wife for being with me in thick and thin, my buyers to have confidence on us, my suppliers and other business associate to champion the drawbacks and still have a faith in us all other stakeholders who have prayed with us and prayed for us.


Board Of Director

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