Sustainability initiatives

Energy, Water & Environmental Info

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Consumption in 2015 (Jan-Dec)



01 Natural Gas for heat [Nm³] 85,190,436 Absolute Energy Savings achieved 81,610 GJ (2.2%)
02 Natural Gas for power [Nm³] 20,657,783
03 Total Ground Water[m³] 3,810,635
04 Electrical from NG [kWh] 58,588,462
05 Electrical from grid [kWh] 5,143,986
06 Electrical from Solar [kWh] 43,119
07 ETP outlet volume [m³] 2,681,316
08 Avg. ETP outlet COD [mg/l] 75
09 Total GHG as CO2 Emission (calc.) [tons] 203852
10 Caustic Recovery from CRP [L] 9532000
11 Waste Heat Recovery from EGB [ton] 9,985
12 Condensate & Hot Water recovery [m³] 802,520
Solar Projects in Zaber & Zubair Fabrics Ltd

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01 BD Largest Smart Industrial 200 kWp Roof Top On-grid Solar for a 7 Storied Building Lighting & Fan Load.
02 3.24 kWp Off-grid solar system for security light
Few Major Initiatives in Eco Friendly Operation

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01 Biological ETP-1 (6000 m3/Day) Waste water treatment
02 Biological ETP-2 (2700 m3/Day) Waste water treatment
03 Biological ETP-3 (7500 m3/Day) Waste water treatment
04 Waste Heat Recovery Boiler (2 Units) Reuse waste heat from Generator exhaust
05 Caustic Recovery Plant (CRP) (2 Units) Reuse Caustic Soda
06 Condensate Recovery Reuse Condensate from different steam line & machines
07 Insulation of hot and cool surfaces Reduce heat loss
08 Auto Blow Down System Reduce Waste Heat
09 Capacitor Bank Power Factor Improvement
10 Economizer (5 Units) Reduce fuel consumption and heat loss
11 All T-8 lights are replaced by LED & T5 Tube Lights Save Electricity & Improve PF
12 Motor Inverter installed in all variable loads Save Electricity & Improve efficiency
13 Vulcan de-Scaling instrument installed in all Boilers Prevent Boiler scaling without chemical use
14 Clutch motors are replacing by Servo Motors Save Electricity & improve PF
15 Installed Water Flow Meter, Energy Meter, Steam Flow Meter Improve Monitoring
16 Solar Power Installation (On grid 200 kWp and Off grid 3 kWp Generate electricity by avoiding CO2 emission and reduce GHG
17 Rain Water Harvesting (On-going) Reduce ground water consumption