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A homegrown fabric claims to kill corona virus

Major garment exporter Zaber and Zubair Fabrics to unveil the product today.


The world is moving heaven and earth every day to line up one remedy or the other to steer clear of the novel corona-virus. And here, a company claims to have developed a fabric that can annihilate the deadly pathogen.

Zaber and Zubair Fabrics, a sister concern of Noman Group that exports apparel worth $2 billion a year, has already started sending samples to its European and American buyers, its officials said.

The fabric will be launched in Dhaka today through a press conference at its office.

“We developed a solution that can help fight coronavirus or any other virus or bacteria,” said Anol Rayhan, the company’s brand manager.

The fabric is loaded with biocidal and virucidal agents that ensure that the microbes are blocked instantly and killed within 120 seconds and with a 99.9 per cent certainty.

The treatment of the fabric, which is registered with different compliance bodies of the US and the EU, has been tested and validated under test norm ISO 18184, according to Rayhan.

“The cloth can protect users from microbes and prevent them from being infected by COVID-19,” said Raashid Ashraf Khan, chief marketing officer of Zaber and Zubair.

The fabric can be used to make woven shirts, masks and personal protective equipment (PPE), Rayhan said, adding that, as of yesterday, 75 international retailers have inquired about the groundbreaking product.

Zaber and Zubair supplies its fabrics and garments to more than 300 international and local buyers.

“But by next week the number of our buyers will cross 600 as we are getting a huge response every day,” he told The Daily Star over the phone yesterday.

The company will start bulk production at the end of this month at its factory in Tongi and has a plan to make seven million pieces of woven garment items in a month from the specialized fabric.

The company can churn out 10 million yards of fabrics a month.

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